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Blinds: make home life more stylish

Curtains are an indispensable part of interior decoration.

When choosing curtains, it is often customary to choose floor-to-ceiling curtains, and rarely pay attention to its good brother - blinds, but in terms of appearance, the appearance of the two has its own merits, and there is no problem of who is worse than whom!



Advantages of blinds

  •  Adjust the light

This is the biggest advantage of blinds. Compared with other curtains, blinds can adjust the angle of the blades to control the incoming light, arbitrarily adjust the blades to the most suitable position, create a variety of elegant and comfortable indoor environment atmosphere, and because there is a gap between the blades, so the ventilation of the window is relatively small.

  • Protect privacy

While ensuring indoor lighting, the blades of the blinds can block the outside sight, and the convex surface of the blades at night faces the interior, and the figure will not be reflected outdoors, so the blinds can make the indoor space more private.

  • Waterproof and moisture-proof

Compared with cloth curtains, aluminum, wood, PVC, plastic and other materials of blinds have better waterproof and moisture-proof performance, are not afraid of water, and are very suitable for humid toilets.

  • Does not take up space

How big the window is, how big the blinds are, and the blinds are installed close to the window glass, which will not occupy the space on both sides of the window like floor curtains, and the blinds can be circled like roller blinds, simple and beautiful.



Where are the right places for blinds?

  • Smaller windows

In a space with relatively small windows, installing ordinary floor-to-ceiling curtains is not only inconvenient, but also appears stingy and unsightly, while blinds come with a simple and atmospheric Buff, and the visual effect will be better.


  • toilet

The humidity of the bathroom is relatively heavy, the curtain is not easy to dry and easy to mold in this environment, and the aluminum alloy blind feels excellent waterproof and anti-corrosion performance.

  • Study room

The study has relatively high requirements for light, requiring bright and not dazzling light, the light is too strong or too weak will make people feel uncomfortable, and the blinds can freely control and adjust the entry of light, and the strong sunlight will become softer through refraction.

  • Living and dining room

The living and dining room needs bright light, so the shading effect of the curtains is relatively low. While saving space, blinds can also adjust the light to make the living room bright. At the same time, if the living room and dining room are units without balconies, you can also try the effect of blinds.


In fact, blinds have special cleaning tools, clean up in one go, basically less than 10-20 minutes to wash a blind.

Would you choose blinds because of its advantages?