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12 Stunning Staircases Around the World

Staircases are more than just architectural structures; they can also be works of art. Whether it's the 650-step staircase built into the giant rock of Guatape in Colombia or the Moses Bridge across the water in western Holland: it's treacherous and spectacular enough to take your breath away.

Of course, if you're afraid of heights, these staircases are enough to stop you in your tracks. But if you want to push the limits, then be sure to visit these 12 staircases around the world. One small piece of advice: remember to tie your shoes.



Tiger & Turtle Magic Mountain (Duisburg, Germany)

It is a giant sculpture that looks like a roller coaster and has become a landmark in the Ruhr area of Germany. Visitors can climb the "roller coaster" along a spiral walkway to the top and enjoy the surrounding scenery.


Universe Cascade (near Dumfries, Scotland)

The Cosmic Falls, despite the word "waterfall" in its name, is actually a staircase, so named because it looks like a waterfall. The staircase descends like a waterfall down a slope to a large pool below. Like a fast-flowing waterfall, this staircase is located in Scotland's Cosmic Thoughts Garden, a private garden in Dumfries, South West Scotland.


Angkor Wat (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

Angkor Wat, located in Cambodia, is known as Cambodia's national treasure, the largest temple in the world and the world's earliest Gothic architecture. The building in the center of the oasis is the Hindu-style Sumeru Vajra Altar of the Angkor Wat Temple. Each level of the Sumeru Vajra Altar is surrounded by a cloister, a characteristic feature of Angkor Wat's architecture. The steps are so steep that you have to climb them on your hands and knees. This symbolizes the many hardships one has to go through to reach heaven.


Würzburg Residence (Würzburg, Germany)

Built in the mid-18th century, the Würzburg Residence in southern Germany is a fine example of Baroque architecture. The most striking part of the building is its main staircase, which is surmounted by the world's largest wet fresco to date, featuring the four continents of the world as they were perceived at the time - Europe, Africa, America and Asia.


Stepwells(Rajasthan, India)

This is Chand Baori - the largest step in the world with 3500 steps!


El Peñon de Guatape (near Medellin, Colombia)

The Guatape Colossus is a 100,000-ton monolithic rock that was formed about 70 million years ago, is about 220 meters high and 385 meters long, contains 22 million cubic meters of rock and weighs about 10 million tons. The staircase built on top of the monolith is in the shape of a "Z", with 650 steps. From a distance, the winding steps look like dense stitches sewn on the giant rock, or like huge shoelaces, and the 600 steps on the almost straight rock are extremely steep, with a great slope, and the higher you go, the more thrilling it is.


Moses Bridge (Halsteren, Netherlands)

"Moses Bridge" by the Dutch RO&AD Architects to create, they use stable, environmentally friendly "solid Ya wood", in the moat surface to lay a channel submerged in the water. General bridge is set up in the water, but the Netherlands this built in the moat of the old castle "Moses Bridge", but the bridge structure will be constructed in parallel with the water position, as invisible from a distance.


Heaven’s Gate Mountain (Zhangjiajie, China)

Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain glass trestle hanging on the west line of the mountain top, 60 meters long, the highest place at an altitude of 1430 meters. The glass platform of Tianmen Mountain Glass Trail extends 4-5 meters out of the trail, walking on the glass platform, but like walking in the air, under the trail is a few thousand meters deep Grand Canyon, a glance, enough to be scared to lose face. The glass walkway is another daring masterpiece created after the wooden suspension bridge across the canyon.


Which one do you think is the most thrilling?



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