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10 Dogs That Run Super Fast

    Dogs are known for their incredible agility, strength, and speed. They have been our loyal companions for centuries, helping us with various tasks, from hunting to herding. One of the most fascinating aspects of dogs is their running ability.

    Have you ever wondered just how fast dogs can run? In this blog post, we'll delve into the top speeds that dogs can achieve.



10. German Shepherd

    The German Shepherd Dog, is a breeds with a shoulder height of 60-65 centimeters, weighing between 30-40 kilograms and running at a speed of about 48 kilometers per hour. This is a very obedient, protective and hard-working breed, which is why they are often used as police dogs. They are intelligent, loyal, muscular, alert, agile, strong-willed and fearless. Notably, they have the 3rd highest IQ of all dog breeds.



9. Doberman Pinscher

    The Doberman Pinscher is a hybrid dog that was bred in the late 1800's. They stand about 61-72 centimeters tall at the shoulder, weigh between 30-45 kilograms, and can reach a top speed of up to 51 kilometers per hour, which makes them one of the fastest working dogs that were not originally bred for hunting. Their muscularity and endurance make them the best choice for a variety of workplaces.




    The Husky is also known as the Siberian Sled Dog, commonly known as the Erha. The origin of the name Husky is from its unique hoarse bark, character is relatively gentle, is a popular in the world of pet dogs. Some foreign netizens have done a test, driving a husky. At the beginning of the owner's car speed control at  50 kilometers per hour, and then Erha in the beach and the owner's car to run together, so that the owner of the unexpected is, in the speed of the car stabilized at 50km / h, Husky basically with the owner of the car to keep the same.



7. Russian Wolfhound

    The Russian Wolfhound is a large Russian wolf hunter, they are 69-79 centimeters tall, weigh 35-48 kilograms and run at a top speed of 58 kilometers per hour. Despite their size, this breed is very fast and is used to hunt and chase prey across the steppes. As you can see from the name, they used to be primarily used for hunting wolves, and usually strike in pairs, and would wrestle the captured wolves to the ground by the neck.


6.spotted dog

    Formally known as the Dalmatian, the Spotted Dog comes from Croatia and is a breed specialized in pulling carts, and although it was bred more for endurance than speed, they can run at speeds of up to 59.5 kilometers per hour. Spotted dogs are a very active breed and need to work to stay happy and healthy. The most distinguishing feature of their body is their spotted coat, which is why they are also loved by a wide range of enthusiasts.


5. Jack Russell Terrier

    The Jack Russell Terrier is a small breed, but they are very popular. They are an energetic and pack-loving breed. Adult males are 25-38 centimeters long and weigh 6-8 kilograms, but it can reach speeds of up to 61 kilometers per hour. Because of their agility and small, soft chest, they are very adept at entering fox burrows and tracking prey underground.


4. Vichyra Hound

    The Vichyra Hound is a Hungarian hunting dog that originated in the 11th century. They have short hair, long limbs and very muscular. Adult weight between 22-30 kilograms, shoulder height of 57-64 centimeters, speed up to 64 kilometers per hour, in the past is usually used to hunt and tour prey. They are very gentle and make excellent and active companions and are still widely used as hunting dogs.


3.Afghan Hound

    Afghan Hound, also known as "Kabul dog", can be said to be one of the most imperial and elegant dog breed, its history is very long. Afghan Hound's height is generally in 64-70 centimeters, weight has 23-27 kilograms, speed up to 65 kilometers per hour, mainly used for hunting gazelles, wolves and snow leopards and other fast running animals. After being introduced to Britain in modern times, they became the royal hunting dogs of England.


2.Arabian Hound

    The Arabian Hound, also known as the "Saluki Hound" and the "East African Hound", is a hound native to Egypt, mainly used for hunting and chasing prey. This breed has a top speed of 66 kilometers per hour and has a very active and friendly personality. Adults weigh between 20-30 kilograms and can reach a height of 58-71 centimeters. Their heads are long and narrow, but their limbs are long and muscular. They are most easily recognized by the long bristles on their ears!


1. Lurcher

    The Lurcher, also known as the "Greyhound", is a hunting dog designed to chase prey over short distances, which means that speed is far more important than endurance, and they can reach a top speed of 72 kilometers per hour. Native to the Middle East, adult males are 68-76 centimeters tall and weigh between 27-32 kilograms, making them an extremely rare purebred. It is worth noting that the Australian Reindeer has been universally rated as the fastest dog in recent times.



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