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7 lesser-known dog sports

There seem to be only a few ways for dogs to play, either throwing frisbees or walking dogs. Although the puppy will play with the owner with enthusiasm every time, after the owner has played the same play for a long time, there will be a sense of boredom. Here are 7 lesser-known dog sports that allow owners to play some new games with their dogs and develop their dogs' new talents.


1. Treibball


Treibball is an exciting new dog sport that began in Germany a few years ago. The goal is for the person and the dog to work as a team. The simple way to play is to prepare five large balloons, and then within ten minutes, the owner will let the dog push the eight balls into a door through passwords and instructions. This game is perfect for smart and active shepherd dogs.


2. Take the dog to ski

Instead of letting your dog go sledding, it's your dog pulling you skiing. This kind of activity is not as difficult for dogs as pulling sleds, but it is more demanding for dog owners, because if you can't stop drinking with the dog, you will pong a bang, hit a tree, or fall. (Of course, in this activity, the owner also has to use force, and cannot rely on the dog alone to pull you around.)

Of course, you can also prepare a ski for your dog, take protective measures, and let your dog try to ski on his own. If you don't have snow skiing, you can also let your dog skate.

3. Hunt mice
If you have a small hunting dog and happen to know that there is a place where there is a rat infestation right now. Then you can choose to consider taking your dog to help people with free ground rat hunting. This can be a good way to meet the dog's exercise needs and release their nature. It can be assured that ordinary dogs will not eat mice on the spot, but bring them back to exchange snacks with you.

Although cats are natural enemies of rats, many cats that can catch mice are not happy to get rid of mice, but let mice go and catch back and forth to amuse mice, and many cats no longer actively catch mice when they are full. In comparison, dogs are completely different, in addition to the original hunting nature of canines, dog rat hunting is more like employees who work seriously, conscientiously completing the task of hunting mice and getting rid of mice.

4. Simulated hunting
If there are no rat infested places around, or worry that the dog will eat the mouse. You can use a remote-controlled car that runs fast enough and let the dog chase. And it mimics the hunting of its ancestors in the wild. This kind of play can be said to be the dog's favorite.


5. Dog obstacle course
You can DIY an obstacle course, or you can go to some activity centers that specialize in renting dog obstacle courses, and take your dog to an obstacle course. This game is different from ordinary walking, you can train your dog's obedience to your commands, and you can also exercise your dog's ability to mobilize the muscles of the body in the face of different terrain.


6. Fetch in water
Find a safe pool, like this foldable thick PVC pool,  and toys that float. Then throw out the toy and ask the dog to run into the water to pick it up. However, this game needs to ensure that the dog can swim, and be careful not to let the dog get cold due to water.


7. Dance to the music
Dogs can actually understand the rhythm of music. With a little training, the dog can make corresponding movements to the rhythm of the music, so as to obtain the owner's reward. However, it is important not to let it stand for too long, which is not good for their joints.


Finally, no matter what kind of sports and games to do for the dog, the most important thing is to pay attention to the safety and health of the dog.

Resources:  https://nationaltreibball.com/