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How to choose the size of the dog cage

A dog cage is a safe haven for dogs, and having a cage at home for your dog to sleep and rest can make them feel more at ease. They only need to guard the cage and do not have to worry about the anxiety that comes with guarding the whole family. But what kind of cage is suitable for a dog? Is the larger the kennel more comfortable?

In fact, this is not the case, the size of the cage is just right to give the dog a sense of security. If it is too small, the dog will feel uncomfortable every time it enters, and over time, the cage will feel nauseous. The cage should not be too large, otherwise the dog will divide the cage into sleeping places and toilets, and make a mess in the cage.

So how to choose the right dog cage for your dog's size?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a kennel size:

1. Dog type and body type: Different breeds of dogs have different body types, so when choosing a dog cage, you should choose the right dog cage according to the size and size of the dog.

2. Age of dogs: Puppies and adult dogs differ in size and size, so consider the age of the dog when choosing a dog cage.

3. Dog habits and behaviors: Some dogs like to be active in kennels, and this kind of dog should choose a larger kennel. Some dogs prefer to stay quietly in a kennel, and you can choose a smaller kennel.

4. Dog health: Some dogs may need rehabilitation in a kennel, so a larger kennel should be chosen to ensure they have enough room to exercise.

 In conclusion, when choosing the size of the dog cage, consider the dog's size, age, habits, and health status to ensure that the dog has enough space and comfort in the kennel.