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What is the best dog for kids

Having a dog that can accompany the growth of children is also a good choice. Dogs can not only be the "pistachios" of the family, but also the "guardians" of children, and can also cultivate children's sense of responsibility. And for the shaping of children's character, growth on the road to a certain extent.
The following types of dogs are very suitable for companionship.



1. Labrador

The most suitable dog for accompanying children, the Labrador is very suitable, it is also a non-aggressive dog breed, especially good for the owner, so the Labrador dog occupies the most of the guide dogs.
And the Labradoodle likes to accompany children, is very good to children, does not hold revenge, and Labradoodle is very intelligent, as long as it is trained with dog snack chicken jerky, it will be more well-behaved!


2. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a very good dog breed, and has the title of a non-aggressive dog breed, it is very friendly to people, whether it is the owner or strangers, it is very enthusiastic.
And the golden retriever is also particularly suitable for accompanying children, but the golden retriever sheds a little more, and the owner must pay attention to its diet!


3. Alaskan dogs
Alaskan dog is a docile and kind pet dog, although it is a large dog, but there are still many people, Alaskan dogs also like children.If the owner is not there, he will prefer to play with the child!


4. Samoyed dogs
Satsuma is a smiling angel with a cute appearance and snow-white hair that makes it hard to forget. And Samoyed has a good personality, is very friendly to people and likes to play with children very much.



5. Corgi
Although the corgi has short legs, it is very cute because of this, and the corgi has a fascinating big butt, so the corgi is particularly loved by people. And the corgi is also a dog that does not remember revenge, and it is also very good for children!


6. Bernese Mountain Dog
The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large dog, very docile, kind, and good to the owner and children, and the Bourne Mountain Dog is a very family-friendly dog, faithful, and will not betray the owner!


7. Beagle
For families looking for a small dog, beagles are one of the best options. They have a cheerful personality and are easy to tame, which is one of the reasons why they become experimental dogs. Known as "moving like the wind, quiet as a pine", it is a playful dog suitable for children of all ages. But since beagles like to bark and make noise when they are in a group, it is best to have only one beagle to prevent a group of dogs from barking together.


8. Newfoundland
Newfoundland dogs were previously bred as rescue dogs on the water, swimming in icy temperatures to rescue victims who drowned or were trapped. Because of this, they cannot be aggressive towards the rescued person and need to be very docile in temperament. Despite their size, they are not fierce to people and are a great choice for families with children. Newfoundland dogs are lively, friendly, and surprisingly gentle to children of all ages. But because this dog is relatively large, don't raise it if the family is too small.


9. French Bulldog
The fighting dog is quiet, has little exercise, and is a little stupid and cute, and will not think about fighting wits with you all day. This kind of lazy dog is very suitable for playing with children, not too radical. However, this kind of dog is very susceptible to disease due to breeding problems, so you must think clearly before raising it, and be prepared for medical expenses.



Of course, dogs suitable for children are not limited to the dogs mentioned above. Raising a dog is not only about one aspect, but also about the size of the house, the time the owner takes care of the dog, the age of the children at home, whether there are allergies and other issues. Families with children, try to choose a breed of dog with a calm personality, not easy to excited, and easy to train.

If you want the dog to grow up safely with the child, first of all, the dog must have good behavior training, and also educate the child and the dog to get along correctly. The owner has certain breeding experience and knows how to give the dog the right training, which is the key for the dog to become a good playmate for children!
Finally, no matter how well-behaved the dog is, children are not allowed to have contact with the dog alone without adult supervision!