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The Truth Underneath the Cute Folded Ears

Many people think that folded ear cats are cute and adorable, with droopy little ears,

chubby round faces, round eyes...

Just like a little elf jumping out of a comic strip...

苏格兰折耳猫 Scottish Fold_我爱桌面网提供


However, are Folded Ears cats really cute?

The answer is no!


Folded ear cats are the most pitiful!

How many people really understand the pain of folded ear cats?



Folded ear cats are born with a hereditary bone disease,

i.e. abnormal cartilage Osteochondrodysplasia.


Whether it is a folded ear or a standing ear cat, as long as the cat with the folded ear cat gene,

it is impossible to have 100% normal bones, just the difference between severe and mild.

This is a typical genetic condition in folded ear cats, starting with bone growths,

followed by bone spurs, and eventually paralysis.

The onset of the disease ranges from 2 months to 6 months old,

but in some cases it starts after 1 year of age.


Some cat dealers, in order to sell folded ear cats and make a few dollars,

publicize that "folded ear cats with standing ears have no genetic disease",

which is a lie, and the onset of the disease in folded ear cats is a matter of early and late time and severity!


The mutation gene for folded ears is dominantly inherited, in other words,

as long as the cat shows folded ears, it must carry the mutation gene,

which will inevitably lead to chondrodysplasia disease.

This disease cannot be cured and can only be relieved by medication.

If it is not amenable, the meow life in the future will need to be supported by the high cost of medication.

scottish fold osteochondrodysplasia


Folded ear cats that have developed the disease will initially show inactivity, and then have obstacles to movement, obvious symptoms include:

1. the tail is short, stiff and cannot be flexed, and some cats cannot swing their tails. 

2. short hind limbs with unusual bends, growths or lumps. 

3. Swelling of the joints of the limbs.

4. abnormal hypertrophy of the hind feet, if observed carefully, when the cat sits up straight, the occipital meat of the hind feet can not touch the ground. 

5. abnormal nail growth.

6. Folded ear cat front limbs will also show similar symptoms, but to a lesser extent than the hind limbs.



“Osteochondrodysplasia in Scottish Fold cats”,

It says,

As all Scottish Fold cats suffered from osteochondrodysplasia of some degree,

the best solution would be to avoid using fold-eared cats for breeding."

                                                                    ——Australian Veterinary Journal


"All Scottish Fold-related cats ……suffered from some degree of osteochondrodysplasia of the distal limbs.”

                                                                        ——Journal of Small Animal Practice



Most folding cats live with chronic pain.

Humans may not understand what chronic pain is like.

This pain isn't the kind that's a sharp,

"Awww! You stepped on my toe!" ,

but rather a slow ache in the joints...a pain so intense that you can't even move them if you wanted to.

That's the truth about folded-eared cats who are immobile, docile, and well-behaved.



Some people don't know about folded ear cats,

or they meet stray cats on the road and can't bear to take them back for adoption.


what should we do if we have already kept it?


Although we strongly urge people not to buy and breed folded ear cats also prefer to have more patience and care,

do not just abandon them because of disease.


  • Take your cat for regular X-ray examination every year, and MRI if possible;
  • Don't be overly psychologically burdened as human emotions can affect cats, they are sensitive and intelligent;
  • Low-calcium diet, scientific diet, wet food-based, less snacks;
  • Folded ear cats are stone-prone, and folded ears are particularly poor in health, be sure to ask for its water intake according to the cat's weight;
  • Cats like to climb high, add stepping stones at its favorite high places;
  • When you see cats jumping from high places you can gently protect them in time to minimize injuries to their joints when they hit the ground;
  • When picking up the cat and putting it down, put it down gently and try to make its front paws hit the ground first;
  • Prepare a comfortable and soft litter for them to have a cozy sleep.



Taking care of a sick cat for a long time is trivial and requires a lot of patience.
But, please don't abandon them no matter what.


After all, you are the only one in a cat's life.

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Finally, an appeal to everyone:


Please refuse to breed and trade folded ear cats!

Please refuse to breed and trade folded ear cats!

Please refuse to breed and trade folded ear cats!