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7 Home Building Styles in the U.S.

    In addition to the United States in the religion, race, geography is exceptionally rich, house building style is also a collection of the world's residential types of the great, styles to dazzle people.

    So which style is the most popular of the many building types!



A Mainstay of Resistance - Cape Cod Style

    The Cape Cod style is a type of house that originated in New England in the 17th century, with a one-story or one-and-a-half-story design. It is very common in the colder regions of the United States.

    It also has a symmetrical design, with the main door generally in the center, multiple windows spread out on either side, and a skylight on the second floor. The roof is steep and triangular, with a large chimney in the center.

Pros: The house type was designed from a practical point of view at the beginning, and the pointed roof is not only very distinctive, but can also withstand the wind and rain and withstand severe cold weather. It can be a priority for those who live in relatively cold areas.

Cons: Old Cape Cod-style houses generally have low ceilings on the second floor, so if you are particularly concerned about the height of the second floor space, you will need to consider the specifics of the house.

The Affordable DIY Choice - American Bungalow

    Bungalow is a popular building style in the United States since the 1930s, usually with one floor or an additional attic. Its most obvious feature is that it must be equipped with a porch where you can cool off or take a walk.


    It is also widely distributed throughout the United States because the house is also relatively affordable to build.

Pros: American bungalows usually have high overhanging beams, making them a good choice for buyers who like to design a house with their own unique style.

Cons: The space of the house is relatively narrow, so if you want to feel the luxury of a large house, then you may need to think about it more.


Gorgeous and Romantic City Style--Victorians Victorian Style

    Originating in England during the period of rapid economic growth, the Victorian style was highly sought after in the early 20th century because of its romantic and richly detailed design.

    A very large number of Vicarage buildings also remain today in many urban areas in the United States.

    Its most distinctive features are the steeply pitched roofs, the fish-scale wood-shingle facades, the projecting windows that stick out of the house, and the porches and balconies that have railings surrounding them.

Pros: Victorian homes usually have unique structures and rich colors, so if you're looking for a house with great character, you'll be sure to pick it.

Cons: The many intricate architectural details require more thought and time for day-to-day care.


Foreign style and sense of ceremony coexist--Colonial Style

    Colonial style is mainly concentrated in the northeastern region, is the United States for a period of time in the East "big brother" like existence.

    "Symmetry" is its most important feature. If you see a house with symmetrical windows on both sides of the front door on the first floor, a staircase leading to the second floor, and absolute symmetry in the space on the second floor, and even in the chimney upstairs, then this is a colonial style house.

Pros: Colonials are typically built with rich interior and exterior décor, and are typically high value homes.

Cons: Because colonials are generally older, they require more effort to maintain the exterior walls and decorative exterior components (such as window panels).


Mediterranean Style - A chic vacation style to escape from the summer heat

    Mediterranean style is a style that exists for warmer regions. It is very popular in Southern California as well as the Southwestern United States.

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    The exterior walls of Mediterranean style houses are usually thick to keep out the heat. The windows are small and are often paired with wooden shutters to avoid direct sunlight. Low-profile red tile roofs and arched entrances are also its most obvious exterior features.

Pros: The Mediterranean style is not only designed to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, but the exotic tone also creates the feeling of living in an old movie.

Disadvantages: In order to reduce the summer heat and facilitate the ventilation of the house, the Mediterranean style house is usually configured with open space design, but if you prefer each space to be independent of each other, the romance of the Mediterranean may not be very suitable.


Utilitarianism is paramount--Modern Style

    Modern style is an architectural style that started to emerge in the 60's. Both the exterior and interior of the house focus on practicality, and the sense of line is played to the extreme.

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    Large amounts of glass, steel and concrete replace traditional brick and wood, and green, healthy and environmentally friendly composite materials are often used for roofs, floors and stove tops.

Windows are also often large and square in order to increase indoor light.

Pros: New houses are often built in modern styles, with green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly factors taken into account when designing the house, making it easy to take care of.

Disadvantages: Compared to the houses of different periods with their own characteristics, the architectural style of modern style houses is relatively cold.

At the same time, in order to have better lighting, the privacy of the house with large windows will be relatively poor. If the house is close to the neighbors, you can also pay attention to it when buying a house.


America's Most Popular Type - Ranch Style

    The ranch style originated in the southwestern part of the United States. With its single-story design that is easy to build and inexpensive, the ranch style spread throughout the United States in the 1950s and 1960s, and it is still the preferred type of house for many American families who want to build and buy their own homes.

    According to http://realtor.com, the Ranch style is the most popular type of house in 29 of the 50 states, a market favorite that should not be underestimated.

Pros: The living room, bedrooms, and kitchen are all on one floor, making it easy to get in and out, and the ranch style house is very friendly to families with elderly people or babies and toddlers.

Cons: Because the house is one-story, there is a lack of privacy, and it is difficult to plan for extra storage space.If privacy is a concern, try the blinds.

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