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Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate
Location:Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Holder: George Washington Vanderbilt II
Architectural style: French Renaissance architecture

Building area: 16300 m²
Building type: Individual house
Author: Richard Morris Hunt
Start of construction: 1889
Completion: 1895


    George Washington Vanderbilt II, owner of the Biltmore Estate, was the youngest son of William Henry Vanderbilt, the second head of the Vanderbilt family. He first inherited $1 million dollars from his grandfather and another $1 million from his father on his 21st birthday. Upon his father's death, he inherited another $5 million, as well as $5 million in trust fund income.

    Inspired by European courts, the Biltmore Estate is a four-story Renaissance stone building. The house occupies more than 16,000 square meters of land and has 250 rooms, 43 bathrooms, 65 fireplaces, 3 kitchens, a bowling alley and an indoor swimming pool.

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    This was once where George and her wife, Edith Vanderbilt, and their children lived. Upon entering the estate, you see not only lush trees and shady meadows, but also a tranquil lake, a beautiful greenhouse garden and a water garden.


The Biltmore Estate – The Style Bouquet


    The plants and flowers on the estate change throughout the year.

    And the architecture, décor, furnishings and vintage clothing inside the castle tell the story of the Vanderbilt family, their guests and the lives of their employees. George's father, William Henry Vanderbilt, was a renowned art collector who greatly influenced his son's love of art. That's why you'll find countless art collections throughout the house, all of them original to George and Edith Vanderbilt.

    The Ballroom, the largest room on the estate at 70 feet high, is where guests are entertained and banquets are held. One tradition that has been passed down at the estate is the annual Christmas party held here.


Biltmore Estate- the Beauty of the Gilded AgeEverything You Need To Know About Visiting The Biltmore EstateEverything You Need To Know About Visiting The Biltmore Estate


    The 102-step grand staircase extends to the fourth floor. Hanging from its center is a large wrought iron chandelier illuminated by 72 bulbs suspended from a single point.


    The Tapestry Gallery is 90 feet long and visiting guests often enjoy refreshments and music.


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    The man of the house loved to read, and the library on the estate had a private collection of 10,000 books, ranging from   American and British novels to world history, religion, philosophy, art and architecture.


How to Plan a Day Visit at the Biltmore Estate • Sarah L. Travels


    Mr. Vanderbilt's bedroom is distinctive, with sophistication and attention to detail. His bedroom features carved furniture remodeled by the Portuguese in the 17th century, including his large walnut bed.



    Mrs. Vanderbilt's bedroom was a feminine retreat decorated in purple and gold silk fabrics and decorated in the Louis XV style. This oval room has a richly painted ceiling and doors leading to the maid's room, bathroom and closet.



    The indoor pool on the property requires 70,000 gallons of water to fill, and it's equipped with underwater lighting and water heating.



    Surprisingly, there is also a gymnasium on the property, where there are double bars, fitness balls, etc....... The "bath needles" on the wall are the modern equivalent of a shower massage.



    The servants' bedrooms were where the maids, laundresses, cooks and kitchen maids lived, while male servants such as footmen and stable boys lived near the top of the stables. At Biltmore, every servant had a comfortable, heated, private room, which was most uncommon in those days.



    Unlike the Vanderbilt family's other cottage estates, the Biltmore Estate remains a family property to this day. After the death of Mr. George Vanderbilt, his nephew became the heir to the estate. To sustain the estate during the Great Depression in the United States, the Cecil family opened the estate to the public in 1930. Today, the Cecil family has also established a specialized company that employs over 1,800 people to take care of the family estate and continue to maintain and protect this national treasure.



    It costs $60 for visitors who want to take a scenic tour of the estate. Slightly more expensive, but a great value, you can visit the historic buildings, walk or drive around the estate, and take a break for a wine tasting by the lake ......

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