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How to exercise indoors?

In extreme weather, it is not possible to go out for running, cycling and hiking. In order not to lose body condition and not to gain fat, it is necessary to do some simple exercises indoors to keep up the workout and strengthen the core muscles.



Warm up: Please warm up first for the following exercises. Warm up is to increase the body temperature so that our body can warm up as soon as possible. If the body temperature is low, the elasticity and extensibility of our body's muscles and joint soft tissues will be reduced, and the muscles will become tense, which will directly carry out the exercise, and the risk of sports injury will be very high.

You can walk briskly before exercising and then move the major joints and muscle groups throughout the body.


Flat Support

Action essentials:

Make your elbow joints bend into 90 degrees, keep perpendicular to the shoulder joints, and shoulder width, ankle joints are 90 degrees, toes perpendicular to the ground, back straight, please do not pout your buttocks, make the abdomen and thighs on a surface, do not collapse the waist, head relaxation, do not bow your head.

Hold for 40s each time, do it 4 times.

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Supine Leg Lift

Action points:

Lie on your back on the floor or sports carpet, keep your legs together and straight, arms also straight, palms facing down on the ground, then feet slowly upward, knees slightly bent, thighs perpendicular to the ground, when the legs are downward, the abdomen is tightened, the lumbar spine can not leave the ground, the whole process, legs downward inhale, exhale when upward.

Each group of 15, each time to do 4 groups.



Half Squat

Action points:

Upright, legs apart and shoulder width, squatting hip force, upper body straight, not leaning forward. Eyes looking straight ahead, hands horizontal forward, to maintain balance, thighs squatting to parallel to the ground, knees do not exceed the toes, can be placed behind the chair, the buttocks touch the chair that is to get up.

15 times for 1 group, do 4 groups.



V Rise

Action points:

Lie on your back on the mat, legs curved up into 45 degrees, contract the abdomen, legs and head at the same time to the abdomen, tighten, in the legs and head leaning closest to stay about 1 second, pay attention to the head do not touch the ground.

Breathing method: Exhale when rising, inhale when falling.

Ten seconds 1 group, do 4 groups


In Situ High Leg Lift

Action points:

Torso is straight, maintain a high center of gravity thighs folded high thighs, parallel to the ground, the other leg fully extended, and then swing the leg thighs down to the ground with the forefoot, both arms bent at the elbow and swung back and forth, the two legs quickly alternated.

Ten seconds 1 group, do 4 groups



Lunge Squat

Action points.

Legs open front and back, was high lunge posture, back leg heel suspension, upper body straight, eyes flat front, hands into the waist, squatting before and after the knee joints to 90 degrees to get up, back leg knee do not touch the ground.

Each leg 20 times for 1 group, do 5 groups!


Kneeling Push-ups

Action: kneeling on the mat, arms straight, palms on the shoulders directly below, slightly wider than shoulder width, abdominal, sinking shoulders, from the head to the knees, to maintain a straight line, elbow joints to the side of the body after bending, the body sinking, hips and waist tighten the abdomen, the head to remain in the same position, the body fell to the chest close to the floor position, stop at the lowest point, and then pushed back to the starting position.

Do 5 sets of 15 reps each.



Mountaineering Run

Action points: make our body in a prone position, hands on the ground, legs straight, and then quickly carry out alternating leg lifting exercises.

Each group is about 30 times, do 5 groups.



30-second Sprint Intervals

Whenever you perform this workout, time passes and you end up drenched in sweat. If you have never done speed training before, make sure you follow the following rules for speed training.

Start with an easy walk for 1 minute. Continue warming up with an easy jog for 5 minutes. It should be possible to maintain a conversational pace. This will get the blood flowing faster and warm the muscles to get the body ready.
Pick up the pace (breathing vigorously) for 30 seconds. Jog for 90 seconds to recover.
Repeat sprint and recovery intervals 9 times (18 minutes total).
Take it easy with a 4-minute jog or brisk walk to relax the body.

Total treadmill time: 30 minutes

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Warm Tips

After exercise, timely replenishment of water, home exercise should not be excessive exercise, exercise 3 to 5 days a week is appropriate, tension and relaxation, according to the strength.



Exercising indoors can be relatively boring compared to outdoors. However, music and videos can be played to relieve the boredom. For example, by using a treadmill table, you can watch videos or even make video calls while running.

Note: Not compatible with tilted/slanted handlebars. If our product covers your treadmill heart rate/ speed/ on-off buttons, it may not be compatible with your treadmill.