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Bathroom Storage

A pile of toiletries, skin care products, cleaning supplies bathroom cabinet countertops, no matter how neatly arranged, due to the items more and more mixed, inevitably give people a sense of clutter. So, how to keep the bathroom cabinet countertop neat and open?

The answer is 



Many people think that the bathroom cabinet storage space is too small, resulting in a messy countertop. In fact, is not mastered the correct storage skills.



At present, the common bathroom cabinet storage is mainly two kinds of cabinet storage and drawer storage.

First, cabinet storage

Flush door bathroom cabinets open is a deep and wide cabinet, the biggest advantage is the height of the items inclusive is very strong, usually shower gel, shampoo, laundry detergent bottles are high, can not be put into the drawer, while the cabinet can be easily stored.


Cabinet at first glance a lot of space, can place a lot of items, however, in the storage, the items can only be placed horizontally, can not be stacked up and down, resulting in a waste of space in the cabinet at high places, and large and small items in order to stuff, access to items is a headache, especially inside the cabinet, due to the depth of the cabinet is large, and often need to explore the depth of the cabinet to drill into the cabinet, or the first front row of items to take away, it's very cumbersome.


However, as long as the use of some storage goodies, it can be very good to expand the space, enhance the actual utilization of space.

1. Divider

Cabinet vertical space can not be used, partition board can be a good solution to this problem. In the cabinet to increase the partition board, this partition board free nails, the length can be freely retracted according to the needs of the high and deep cabinet into several layers of objects. As the divider is glued, load-bearing is limited, you can consider placing paper towels, spare toiletries and other relatively light items.


2. Telescopic pole + storage basket

Telescopic rod can be called life "magic weapon", the length can be freely contracted, inexpensive, no limitations on the use of the place, can be used as a single rod, can also be used in combination with a number of rods, but also can be freely combined to create more uses.

Single use effect:


Double rods parallel match, the middle space diagonally into the storage basket, storage box, the downpipe in the middle of the separation, the storage basket not only use the high out of space, but also expand the storage capacity. Storage basket can be placed spare paper towels, soap, mouthwash and other items.

Double rod use effect:


Second, drawer storage

Pull-out bathroom cabinets generally have a single drawer and double drawer style, it is recommended to choose a double drawer, in order to make full use of all the storage space. Drawer lateral storage space is very large and even the corners of the location are fully utilized, therefore, the drawer storage capacity is absolutely not lost cabinet, double drawer storage power is even higher than the same volume of the cabinet.


As long as some drawer "remodeling", large double drawer bathroom cabinets can become smooth and practical.

1. Drawer dividers

How to make the drawer items fixed position placement? A divider box can realize the zoning of objects. Do not worry about whether the size of the drawer, this partition box can be stretched and contracted, according to the space of the drawer to stretch the size of the drawer, to achieve the drawer without wasting the slightest bit of space, orderly storage.


2. Drawer-in-drawer

"Drawer in the drawer" that the drawer is also set up a small drawer, also known as the inner drawer. If it is customized bathroom cabinets, can be required in the design of an additional internal drawer, separated from the internal drawer can usually be used to place jewelry, powder, nail polish and other small things, to open up more storage space.


Third, floor shelves

In addition to the bathroom comes with the shelf space, you can also use the storage tool, open up other space for storage.

When the original furniture is not enough, you can use the standing towel rack to increase the storage space.No drilling or mounting to the wall is required, making it easy to access your everyday items and keeping your home clutter-free.


Hope the above organizing tips help you.