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Cold knowledge about cats

Cats seem to be a small one, in fact, they are hiding many secrets, today we will talk about the cold knowledge about cats. You may not know all of them if you have a cat for a long time.



  • The clavicle of the cat, degraded into a small piece hidden in the clavicle muscle, does not form a complete joint connection with the shoulder blade, greatly enhancing the cat's mobility.



  • Cats don't have sweet taste buds, so they can't taste sweetness. Cats are very curious, so they also try a lot of things that are not on their daily recipes.

猫咪吃了草莓之后,会有什么反应?结果出人意料 - 知乎


  • Cats have a fast heart rate and can beat 110-140 times per minute, roughly twice as fast as humans.



  • Cats, like dogs, only have sweat glands in their paws: in this case, small sweat glands that secrete sweat; in addition, both cats and dogs open their mouths to promote the evaporation of saliva to dissipate heat, but they don't have sweat glands in their mouths.


  • Allergy to cats refers to allergy to cat dander and saliva in the protein, not as the general thought that is allergic to cat hair: many people say that they are allergic to cat hair, that kind of may refer to respiratory sensitivity to the hair, rather than allergic to cats !

科普 | 几个关于猫咪的冷知识


  • Kittens have a grayish-blue film covering their eyes, which slowly fades to reveal its true color as they grow up. Each cat's time is different, but 4 months generally show the true color!

折耳小猫|摄影|宠物摄影|mango爸爸 - 原创作品 - 站酷 (ZCOOL)


  • Long-haired cats and short-haired cats will lose hair, but the long hair will fall more and more obvious.



  • Cats lick their fur more often when they are anxious. This behavior is called "alternative grooming". It serves to relieve the stress of a stressful social conflict. Just as we often "scratch our ears" when we are in a state of conflict, cats lick their fur when they are in a similar situation.


  • Cats are animals that can only feel safe in small spaces. And their safety is confirmed. This habit was carried on to this day, and now they can't wait to get into a tight bag whenever they see one.


  • Female cats can have babies with both at the same time. A female cat can ovulate after receiving sperm from one of the male cats and continue to receive sperm from other male cats.



There is more cold knowledge about cats than meets the eye. Even some people who have had cats for a long time may not be aware of some of the cold facts about cats and kittens. Of course, each pet is also different in its own way, specializing in their own hobbies and habits. To get to know our pets better, you can interact with them more. For example, prepare cat climbing frames at home to give cats a place to exercise and let them release their nature.

For example, the indoor cat tree below takes up minimal floor space but is a versatile playground for cats.