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The cat indoor exercise

美短内的花瓣采集图片-zuzuzuzCats are particularly timid, at home is the master, go out is a coward, may be scared by the noisy environment outside;

The cat's body is relatively weak, and it is easy to be infected by parasites when going out to play;

Moreover, the cat also has a soul of its own, is not used to being restrained, put on the lead rope as if with a tight hoop.

If you take your cat for a walk

Most likely will harvest such a cat ↓↓↓

After all, is the cat, not a pig. Just like people, a cat's chronic lack of exercise can lead to diseases such as obesity, reduced reflexes and immunity.

So how do cats exercise gracefully if they don't go outside?



When it comes to the science of exercise, let's first look at metabolic rate.

Under normal circumstances, due to the different size and life habits of cats, each cat's exercise needs are also different.

Here's a formula to estimate your cat's daily energy needs:

Body weight (kg) X0.75×70 = Basal metabolic rate kcal/day

Using this formula, a 10 pound or 4.54 kg cat that is completely immobile would need a basal metabolic rate (BMR) of 238 in order to survive.


For a less active, sedentary cat, multiply the BMR by 1.2. In the example above, this would amount to 286 calories per day.

For a moderately active cat, that's 329 calories a day. The difference in daily calorie consumption between sedentary and active cats was 43 calories, or about 15 percent.

In other words, a cat's daily exercise intensity does not need to be too large, generally moving 25-40 minutes can reach the standard.

Therefore, it is recommended that the shovel officer can take out half an hour a day to accompany the cat to play, and increase the amount of exercise of the cat by playing.



Below, I recommend a few small games that are highly interactive with cats


1. Find balls

What you need: 3-4 small bowls/cups, a sponge ball, and, of course, a cat

How to play: Put the cat on the floor, then catch the ball with any of the 3 bowls/cups, and quickly shuffle the original cups out of order, then stop and ask the cat to point out which cup the sponge ball is in.

Trust me, when you stop, your cat will quickly and accurately locate the sponge ball.

If your cat has adapted to this game, you can increase the difficulty of the game, such as increasing the number of cups, extending the time to move the cups, and so on.

Note that this game must use an opaque cup or other tool to cover the sponge ball, otherwise it will not be fun to play.


2. Goalkeepers

What you need: A few bottle caps, and then you still need a cat

How to play: You stay one side, the cat stays one side, the game starts, you shake the bottle cap to attract the cat's attention, and then when the cat is not paying attention to the bottle cap quickly with your fingers to the cat, at this time you will find that the cat will be like a goalkeeper, quickly with its PAWS on the bottle cap.

Although your cat is usually lazy, but when they play the game out of instinct, you will realize that they react so quickly. An advanced version of the game involves three or all of the bottle caps popping together to see if you can bounce faster or the cat can catch it.


3. Whack-a-mole

What you need: a piece of cardboard or a useless box, still a cat. Take the cardboard you have prepared and make nine holes in the pattern of nine chambers, taking care that the holes are just big enough for your finger to fit through.

How to play: Call your cat, face the game props you prepared, shovel the finger hidden behind the props, and then the finger out from a random hole, and guide the cat to reach out to grab your hand, when the cat wants to grab your finger, and then quickly withdraw your finger, from another hole at random. Repeat until the cat hits your finger, at which point don't forget to give your cat a treat.

Note that this game is to compete with the cat speed, as long as the speed is fast enough, your cat can not hit you, but be careful not to let the cat bite your finger.



The above common small games are very suitable for shovel officers to interact with cats.

But if you don't have time to play sports with your cat.

Such as cat crawlers, cat-teasing sticks, fake mice, turntables, sponge balls, teething toys, cat scratching boards, etc.

These are toys your cat can play perfectly with alone.