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Dog IQ Ranking Detailed Version

Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings, and I believe that many people's first choice for pets is dogs. If choosing an intelligent dog is a lot easier for you, whether it's training him to poop or getting him to follow commands, receptive dogs are always likable. So which dog is the smartest?



No. 1: Border Collies

The Border Collie is the most intelligent dog in all dogs, and the border Collie is equivalent to the IQ of a human being about 6 to 8 years old. However, the border collie intelligence is too high, and the training process may be a battle of wits and courage with the master, all kinds of play. So a dog with too much intelligence is not easy to tame.



No. 2: Poodles

The poodle is the second most intelligent dog in the world, intelligent, lively and good temperament, easy to approach people, is a very loyal dog breed. The poodle is a very plastic animal, training it is relatively easy, you may occasionally see a poodle wearing cute clothes when shopping, walking with two legs, this is the result of training. This dog can be said to be the girl's favorite, because they are very small and look very cute.

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No. 3: German Shepherd

German herd intelligence ranks third in all types of dogs, with an IQ equivalent to that of a 5-7 year old child. However, because the German Shepherd is a strong deterrent and its dominative appearance makes people afraid to get close, raising people in the community will keep people far away from you, because in front of people who do not have a dog, the German Shepherd is an aggressive dog breed, and the German Shepherd dog is one of the dogs not suitable for raising in the city!

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No. 4: Golden Retriever

The Golden retriever is a dog breed that modern people like very much, its hunting is very strong, easy to be trained, and very obedient. This kind of dog has a strong swimming ability, can be in the water for a long time than the average dog, and is very strong. He has a golden coat, from a distance, running golden retriever, the whole body of hair shaking with the body, people feel that he has a very strong vitality, and he will make people very happy and relaxed to play together.



No. 5: Doberman

The Doberman is one of the most popular guard dogs at present, and it is very loyal and obedient to its owner. The Doberman's ear determines the appearance and temperament of the Doberman, so if you want a handsome Doberman, then you must help it do the standing ear. The Doberman can adapt to the life of the city, but because the Doberman's coat is short, it is more heat resistant and cold, and it needs to pay attention to warm work in winter and autumn. Dobermans have a lot of exercise and need a lot of exercise every day to vent, if you are a person who likes to run every day, raising a Dobermans is a good choice.



No. 6: Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog is a medium sized dog, abbreviated as Shetland. Unlike German Shepherds, Shetty is very friendly, even if you only meet a person, Shetty will be willing to, and easily become friends with that person, so keep your dog under control when outdoors. Unlike other long-haired dogs, Shetty really doesn't like to shed much hair, which is very little compared to other dogs, and we usually don't shed much even with a steel comb. So for people who hate losing dog hair at home, but still love dogs, Shetty is a really good choice.

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No. 7: Labrador Retriever

Labrador is also known as the retriever, although it is a medium and large dog, but the personality is loyal, atmospheric, honest, mild, sunny, cheerful, lively, IQ is very high, but also very friendly to people, so it is loved by everyone. It ranks among the top three non-aggressive dogs, along with the Siberian Sled and Golden retriever, making it a good choice as a guide dog that frequented public places or as a subway police and rescue dog and other working dogs.



No. 8: Papillon

Papillon is a petite cute, excellent looking small dog breed, very distinguished place is a pair of eye-catching big ears, like the wings of a butterfly dance, so there is the title of butterfly dog. Papillon is still a more difficult dog, although it is a small, but in fact it is particularly lively, more prone to trouble, will often rush out and other dogs fight, very energetic. If you are busy with work or other things, it will tear down the house at home, whether it is the sofa or the trash can, it is not difficult for it!

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No. 9: Rottweiler

Rottweiler, the world's strongest riot dog, powerful appearance, is a multi-functional guard dog, like the Rottweiler dog is more people, but if you are the first time to raise a dog, it is very not recommended to raise it. Rowena has a strong sense of alertness, very alert to strangers, and aggressive, so generally raising Rowena pet owners will choose some places with fewer people to walk, because fewer people can reduce Rowena sudden bite accidents. If you must keep it, it is recommended to train it strictly, and it cannot be left unchecked.




No. 10: Australian cattle dog

The Australian cattle dog is alert, resourceful, brave, and absolutely committed to duty, making it a strong, versatile working dog. They are hardy and highly intelligent, always working in silence, controlling their cattle with the most precise and labor-saving method, able to endure any weather, and able and willing to perform any dangerous and difficult task. But it is alert and known for its strong bite, making it unsuitable for family pets.



Although everyone loves a dog with a high IQ, even a smart dog needs patient training from its owner. And many dogs with high IQ are not suitable for everyone, dog aggression, whether the hair is shed, the ability to adapt to the living environment and so on need to be considered.



Most of the top 10 dogs are medium and large dogs, and when raising them, pay attention to reserving enough dog cage space. Too small dog cage will make the dog feel crowded, too large will make the dog insecure.

LUCKUP recommends several dog cages for medium and large dogs:




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